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Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 22:04:04 UTC 2014

 New approaches=MINE... to "Kitchen Misuse" and the Squatter Gaming.

Simply craft a layered approach of power/water/fridge securing methods and
thence empower the Excellent Uses to be Unsullied by Unexcellent Misusers.
Oh- do contemplate the additional layer of a PERMANENT BAN NEEDING SUPER
MAJORITY TO LIFT for anyone tampering/disabling the lock outs... Means-
yeah- you break some rules and it's _game over- no replay. A place upon the
wall of Permaban for THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPACE.  Because- a misused kitchen
can burn the space down/ get the lease lifted and so on. Same with

Let Grandpa shout softly a few unpopular truths and NB might learn from my
Life Experience Points...

The fix vectors I am suggesting neatly could grant balance to the Excellent
folks whilst providing an instrumental path to banishing the Un-excellent.
Giving up the utility of a kitchen is surrender!

Will we surrender one more facet of HACKING?  Food Hacking, or just feeding
the HACKERS is indeed EXCELLENT CONDUCT.  I may need to repeat this a bit-
NB either is a HACKERSPACE or a SHELTER- we cannot serve both paths.. If
consensus wishes to murder NB on that path So be it but not by my words or

  Who of us   is sanely  opposed to telling squatters that MIS-use is
prohibited un-excellent conduct=a ticket OUT of NB is surrender to THEM?
Really- READ the star bracketed text  several times  FOR A SANITY CHECK...

***The folks who sweat blood and tears to keep NB alive deserve to use a
Kitchen if they want to.  This ain't a class caste struggle game- it's
about keeping this space alive and welcoming to honorable HACKERS.
Including the Honorable HACKERS having a REAL KITCHEN instead of fracking
surrendering to ANYONE. ***

 I've empathy for the less fortunate and am damned mindful that many of us
are one disaster away from homeless. I ain't basing my rants on any desire
 but THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPACE.. The Needy can be better literally served
if we uplift Homo Rarely Sapient to where hunger is obsolete.

 I live in Kansas City for many reasons including to NOT be a Squatter in
an unafforadable city,. Why in HELL are we letting NON- HACKING FOLKS SQUAT
at NB??? Fer Darwin's sake folks- Either NB is PRIMARILY A HACKERSPACE
quite irrespective of Kitchen or  not... and if NB"s held as NOT for
HACKING FIRST do consider that  we re-charter as "Something Else"  for

 ARE we going to really overtly say that Squatters get to displace

 DO NOT__***EVER*** empower perps to make us diminish OUR capabilities!! .
The kitchen should STAY for use by the Excellent Hackers.- the Misusers can
Go to Nifleheim/Gehenna/dev null etc and my empathy- or situational lack of
same- is based on their actions.

 Please- If you wish to be the keeper of the less fortunate's larder- do so
on YOUR money etc.

Teal Deer: They win at gaming us to become less everytime we remove
"something"  in  reactive mode- to their crap.
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