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Tue Apr 1 23:04:30 UTC 2014


>Food Hacking, or just feeding the HACKERS is indeed EXCELLENT CONDUCT.

Who is a hacker?

> Why in HELL are we letting NON- HACKING FOLKS SQUAT at NB???

Who is "we" and do you have any suggestions for how to not "let"
people squat at NB?


On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 3:04 PM, Oren Beck <orenbeck at gmail.com> wrote:
>  New approaches=MINE... to "Kitchen Misuse" and the Squatter Gaming.
> Simply craft a layered approach of power/water/fridge securing methods and
> thence empower the Excellent Uses to be Unsullied by Unexcellent Misusers.
> Oh- do contemplate the additional layer of a PERMANENT BAN NEEDING SUPER
> MAJORITY TO LIFT for anyone tampering/disabling the lock outs... Means-
> yeah- you break some rules and it's _game over- no replay. A place upon the
> wall of Permaban for THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPACE.  Because- a misused kitchen
> can burn the space down/ get the lease lifted and so on. Same with
> Squatters.
> Let Grandpa shout softly a few unpopular truths and NB might learn from my
> Life Experience Points...
> The fix vectors I am suggesting neatly could grant balance to the Excellent
> folks whilst providing an instrumental path to banishing the Un-excellent.
> Giving up the utility of a kitchen is surrender!
> Will we surrender one more facet of HACKING?  Food Hacking, or just feeding
> the HACKERS is indeed EXCELLENT CONDUCT.  I may need to repeat this a bit-
> NB either is a HACKERSPACE or a SHELTER- we cannot serve both paths.. If
> consensus wishes to murder NB on that path So be it but not by my words or
> deeds.
>   Who of us   is sanely  opposed to telling squatters that MIS-use is
> prohibited un-excellent conduct=a ticket OUT of NB is surrender to THEM?
> Really- READ the star bracketed text  several times  FOR A SANITY CHECK...
> ***The folks who sweat blood and tears to keep NB alive deserve to use a
> Kitchen if they want to.  This ain't a class caste struggle game- it's about
> keeping this space alive and welcoming to honorable HACKERS. Including the
> Honorable HACKERS having a REAL KITCHEN instead of fracking surrendering to
> ANYONE. ***
>  I've empathy for the less fortunate and am damned mindful that many of us
> are one disaster away from homeless. I ain't basing my rants on any desire
> but THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPACE.. The Needy can be better literally served if
> we uplift Homo Rarely Sapient to where hunger is obsolete.
>  I live in Kansas City for many reasons including to NOT be a Squatter in an
> unafforadable city,. Why in HELL are we letting NON- HACKING FOLKS SQUAT at
> NB??? Fer Darwin's sake folks- Either NB is PRIMARILY A HACKERSPACE quite
> irrespective of Kitchen or  not... and if NB"s held as NOT for HACKING FIRST
> do consider that  we re-charter as "Something Else"  for reals.
>  ARE we going to really overtly say that Squatters get to displace
>  DO NOT__***EVER*** empower perps to make us diminish OUR capabilities!! .
> The kitchen should STAY for use by the Excellent Hackers.- the Misusers can
> Go to Nifleheim/Gehenna/dev null etc and my empathy- or situational lack of
> same- is based on their actions.
>  Please- If you wish to be the keeper of the less fortunate's larder- do so
> on YOUR money etc.
> Teal Deer: They win at gaming us to become less everytime we remove
> "something"  in  reactive mode- to their crap.
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