[Noisebridge-discuss] Cooking in the space, update

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 05:12:22 UTC 2014

Well, Ceren called it. We got a lot of excuses, a lot of promises to do
better, and a lot of "hey what are you doing, I'm currently using the stuff
you're taking apart."

That last part is important to me, though, because do-ocratically
dismantling something is one thing, but doing it while multiple people are
telling you to stop is unexcellent. So I stopped.

Dana and I had some discussions with folks who said that a kitchen is
facility just like the bathrooms, electricity, floors, walls, etc. My
response was that lots of similar places go without kitchens. Chris, a
member, was seasoning some food that others (the same people who I saw
yesterday) had prepared, and was saying that actions such as dismantling
the kitchen should be brought up for consensus.

So, in order to stop the kitchen from going in circles, how about bringing
this up for consensus? When Dana asked people present at the weekly meeting
whether it seemed like a good plan to decommission the stove and dismantle
the wire racks, she said that there were no disagreements.

But it's hard to me to think about something that could actually be
consensed upon. What would the proposal say? Which appliances to remove?
What the kitchen is for? What sort of meals should be prepared? I don't
know. I really don't have enough information about what people want and
what specific kind of behavior is unexcellent.

This next part is really me thinking out loud - what am I trying to achieve
by reducing the kitchen to a coffee station (or something)? Will this cause
sleepers to leave? Are the people who (only) eat but do not sleep at the
space really causing that much of a problem? I don't know enough to answer
these questions. I'd appreciate more specific input about why people
believe a full kitchen is harmful to the space.


P.S. I was asked by more than one person while dismantling the space if I
was a member. I'm not; I have never been. I'm an associate member, but I
don't even know if that distinction is even observed or enforced anymore.
I'm correct in stating that a non-member has just as much of a right to
do-ocratically change the space as a member does, right?
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