[Noisebridge-discuss] Cooking in the space, update

Al Sweigart asweigart at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 05:25:59 UTC 2014

I think disconnecting the stove and then removing it from the space would
provide more benefits than cons. We can find a buyer for it on craigslist,
and turn over the money to Noisebridge. Patching up the counter space
shouldn't be a problem.

All the other questions can be dealt with separately.

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 10:12 PM, Jeffrey Carl Faden <jeffreyatw at gmail.com>wrote:

> Well, Ceren called it. We got a lot of excuses, a lot of promises to do
> better, and a lot of "hey what are you doing, I'm currently using the stuff
> you're taking apart."
> That last part is important to me, though, because do-ocratically
> dismantling something is one thing, but doing it while multiple people are
> telling you to stop is unexcellent. So I stopped.
> Dana and I had some discussions with folks who said that a kitchen is
> facility just like the bathrooms, electricity, floors, walls, etc. My
> response was that lots of similar places go without kitchens. Chris, a
> member, was seasoning some food that others (the same people who I saw
> yesterday) had prepared, and was saying that actions such as dismantling
> the kitchen should be brought up for consensus.
> So, in order to stop the kitchen from going in circles, how about bringing
> this up for consensus? When Dana asked people present at the weekly meeting
> whether it seemed like a good plan to decommission the stove and dismantle
> the wire racks, she said that there were no disagreements.
> But it's hard to me to think about something that could actually be
> consensed upon. What would the proposal say? Which appliances to remove?
> What the kitchen is for? What sort of meals should be prepared? I don't
> know. I really don't have enough information about what people want and
> what specific kind of behavior is unexcellent.
> This next part is really me thinking out loud - what am I trying to
> achieve by reducing the kitchen to a coffee station (or something)? Will
> this cause sleepers to leave? Are the people who (only) eat but do not
> sleep at the space really causing that much of a problem? I don't know
> enough to answer these questions. I'd appreciate more specific input about
> why people believe a full kitchen is harmful to the space.
> Jeffrey
> P.S. I was asked by more than one person while dismantling the space if I
> was a member. I'm not; I have never been. I'm an associate member, but I
> don't even know if that distinction is even observed or enforced anymore.
> I'm correct in stating that a non-member has just as much of a right to
> do-ocratically change the space as a member does, right?
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