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So if I installed laundry and bathing facilities docratically it would take a act of consensus to remove them?  Same with the hacker stacker?

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Al, I'm not being sarcastic in the slightest.
That is a more extreme example of removing the kitchen. I provide this example in order to convey my meaning. If removing the kitchen is a way to get rid of people who cook in it, then removing the floor is a way to get rid of people who sleep on it.
Of course, Al, i'm not really suggesting that we remove the floor, that would be absurd. And that's the point. We cannot remove everything that some people exploit, because we would not have a floor left to stand on.
Instead, a more rational approach is to address misuse of the space head-on.
I realize my communication devices might not be understood by everyone, but oh well. I'll do my best to be accessible.
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> I saw somebody sleeping on the floor the other night. We'd better remove the floor. That'll show 'em.

You may not be "complaining", but your sarcasm is hardly constructive.
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