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Wed Apr 2 22:12:20 UTC 2014

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From: "Al Sweigart" <asweigart at gmail.com>
>I am not okay with him or anyone else squatting at Noisebridge. Even if 
>it was for "stints", since that seems as vague and open for 
>exploitation as "just need to stay for a few days" ends up turning into 
>much longer than a few days.

Al, it sounds like you're saying that you ARE ok with "just need to stay 
for a few days", as long as it does NOT turn into much longer than a few 

Is that correct?

if so, then let's stop talking about it. Just keep it on the downlow, 
and let's talk about something else. I mean, if it's your intention to 
let people stay at NB for a few days, then the worst way to get away 
with that is to keep bringing it up on list.
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