[Noisebridge-discuss] SuperPACs, Bitcoin, & my startup

Sai i at s.ai
Thu Apr 3 02:34:20 UTC 2014

My PAC filed a request to the FEC asking whether political
contributions can be made w/ Bitcoin. I figured some of y'all might be


1st draft advisory opinion expected maybe next week, 1st meeting
around April 23, decision around May 9.

LMK if you have any questions/comments. Instructions for commenting
officially to the FEC are on that page.

4-slide overall tl;dr: https://makeyourlaws.org/files/2min.pdf

Even shorter: MYL PAC is an anti-SuperPAC SuperPAC that I run which is
democratizing campaign finance as the 1st step in a pragmatic plan to
convert legislatures to liquid democracies. Open source, non profit,
Rails stack, etc.

It's basically a pre-launch startup. If you'd be interested in helping
us get actually an MVP launched and running before that decision comes
down, it'd be much appreciated.

Happy hacking,
- Sai

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