[Noisebridge-discuss] cryptoparty Tahoe-LAFS workshop

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> Subject: Re: [Noisebridge-discuss] cryptoparty Tahoe-LAFS workshop
> Dear Noisebridge community,
> I have been contacted publicly and privately regarding this workshop...
> and it seems there is enough people interested that we can construct a
> new onion grid (given that we collectively have access to a few servers).
> I usually suggest people through down a $5-15 cheap VPS with at least 20G of storage.
> If you have something with more storage then that's fine too. I'm not saying that you
> need to contribute money to use the onion grid; I'm merely saying that we need access
> to a grid before we can use Tahoe-LAFS... so let's build our own onion grid!
> I'm soon going to Colorado for a little while to do some work dev on Tahoe-LAFS
> and to also host a Tahoe-LAFS workshop at a hackerspace...
> In a few weeks when I get back let's do this Tahoe-LAFS workshop at Noisebridge.
> I'd rather give advanced notice for this so more people are likely to attend.
> Sincerely,
> David Stainton
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