[Noisebridge-discuss] Ethiopia's Hi-Tech Blogger Crackdown: Techno-Activism Third Mondays: this Monday, 18th August, 6PM EFF HQ

Danny O'Brien danny at eff.org
Sat Aug 16 00:32:19 UTC 2014

This week will see the opening arguments in the trial of Ethiopia's Zone
9 bloggers, six young online writers arrested for blogging earlier this
year. Among the charges the bloggers face are learning about encryption
to protect their communications. 

While citizens in the country are facing prison for using secure
technology, the Ethiopian government has been using modern surveillance
techniques without limit, with research by Human Rights Watch, EFF and
CitizenLab demonstrating pervasive telecom eavesdropping at home and the
use of customized malware abroad -- including the targeting of
dissidents in the United States and Europe.

This month's TA3M features a discussion with Endalk Chala, co-founder of
Zone 9, Global Voices contributor, and currently the Google Policy
Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We'll talk about the
trial, Human Rights Watch's report on Ethiopia's digital surveillance
state, and EFF's current case against the Ethiopian Government, Kidane
v. Ethopia, for remotely deploying spyware on a U.S. citizen in

All that, plus your chance to chat and brainstorm and eat random snacks
to with your fellow techno-activists, at EFF's San Francisco offices.

Come along at for 6PM, 815 Eddy St, CA 94110, on Monday 18th August:

More info:

* The Zone 9 trial:
* EFF's case against Ethiopia:
* "They Know Everything We Do" - Telecom and Internet Surveillance in Ethiopia

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