[Noisebridge-discuss] Secretaribot reincarnated

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Thu Aug 21 04:24:30 UTC 2014

Hi, noisebridge.

Secretaribot hasn't done much since September 2013:


I tried to poke the code to resurrect him:


Didn't want to spend a whole lot of time figuring out how to get secretaribot 
working again, so I figured I'd re-use the bot we had at SYNHAK to keep our 
minutes updated:


I ran him today and he:

* Updated the redirect from [[Last meeting]]
* Updated the redirect from [[Next meeting]]
* Created next week's page from the template: 

I've got a copy of the configuration file used, and plan on storing it somewhere 
private for those who need access to it. Phong is now running from a daily 
cron job and will happily maintain these pages for the foreseeable eternity.

Phong has a fairly expressive plugin API with a template engine if anyone has 
ideas for periodic processing of wiki pages or e-mail things that need done, 
or really anything else.

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