[Noisebridge-discuss] Ahoy NB, XLterrestrials landing in SF in Sept. ( event proposal for NB )

podinski pod at xlterrestrials.org
Sat Aug 23 11:12:59 UTC 2014

Hello Mitch et al at NB,

The XLterrestrials, and arts and praxis group based in Berlin are coming
to California in Sept !

And we are touring our latest project called CiTiZEN KiNO ( kino = cinema
in german ). This is a tactical media platform, a hybrid of curated
screening, theater performance, lecture/faux lecture and heated
discussions. We also call it "cinema hacking" or Media Selbst-Verteidigung
( media self-defense ).

We'd like to do bring our latest show to Noisebridge.

And for us the date FRIDAY - Sept. 19 would work best.
( sept. 17 or 20 are possible options.) In the Hackatorium, main room.

I've checked the NB page and looks like there's a Java class til 20h, and
3rd fridays Taste and Fun Tutoring...

But we can also be a later evening program... from 21 or 22h start time.
It's a 2 hour show. [ AND w/ a possible afterparty as well , w/
"Btropolis" dj(s) if that's an option ]

Does this work !?

If so, is there someone who would like to assist and collaborate with us !
We will also have a couple old cellspace media + soundlab comrades ( and
maybe some ol' EFF colleagues too ) helping us on the tour.

Note: Mitch is unfortunately away on an EU tour at this time

Greetz from the Netherlands !


ps. If you want to read more about the concepts behind CiTIZEN KINO and
this tour :


Note: I am already on tour, on the road, and will respond to replies on
the list as best i can.

arts + praxis organisms

twitter: @podinski

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