[Noisebridge-discuss] zone9 bloggers wikipedia edit-a-thon today

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Totally appropriate!  Thanks! 

Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 08:37:49 -0700
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Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] zone9 bloggers wikipedia edit-a-thon today


    Hi all,


    April from EFF here. Writing to invite you all to a Wikipedia
    edit-a-thon I'm helping to organize this afternoon at Wikimedia HQ
    (or anywhere!). We want to improve the pages of the Zone9 Bloggers
    and other journalists who are currently in jail in Ethiopia. 


    In April 2014, six members of the Zone 9 Bloggers and three
    associated journalists were arrested in Addis Ababa and now face
    terrorism charges for their writings. They were additionally charged
    with conspiracy for using basic encryption tools. 




    We're meeting today from 1-5pm at Wikimedia
    (149 New Montgomery Street: Floor 6). One of the
      Zone 9 bloggers, Endalk, who currently is seeking asylum in the US
      will join us. Endalk was also a policy fellow at EFF this summer.


      Maybe I'll see some of y'all there!

      All the very best, 



      PS: this is my first post to the list; hopefully, it is
      appropriate. please excuse me if not. I'd like to be more involved
      with Noisebridge, as I recently moved to the area to work at EFF
      and have always worked with hackerspaces in some capacity where
      ever I'm based. will surely meet some of y'all in the near future




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