[Noisebridge-discuss] Anouk Kruitlof and 10 CCA Grad students - visiting on Feb 7th

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Mon Feb 3 03:56:13 UTC 2014

Hi Jim,
I'm cc-ing the Noisebridge Discussion list on this email.
You are welcome to come to Noisebridge any time!  But it is best to make sure someone is around to answer the doorbell when you get there.
If I were in town, I'd be happy to meet you on Friday afternoon, but I'm in the Midwest.
Will someone like to meet Anouk and the 10 CCA grad students on Friday afternoon?  (Please reply to Jim directly, since it doesn't appear that he is subscribed to the Discussion list.)

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> Subject: Anouk Kruitlof and 10 CCA Grad students - visiting on Feb 7th
> Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 13:58:58 -0800
> To: noisebridge-announce-owner at lists.noisebridge.net
> Hello Noisebridge,
> Anouk Kruitlof and 10 grads students from CCA would love to come and visit Noisebridge on next Friday Feb. 7th. They extremely  excited to visit and can be there at around 2PM.
> I am writing to check in and see if somebody will be there to give them a tour.
> Thank you very much
> Best,
> Jim Goldberg
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