[Noisebridge-discuss] need for datasets: education, public health, sustainability, restorative justice

Mike Schachter cubicgoats at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 03:13:28 UTC 2014

Hi everyone, I wanted to make people aware of an event coming up this
weekend and try to get some help.

I'm volunteering to mentor Data Science at the Black Male Achievement
Startup Weekend this weekend:


The attendees will form teams to try and address issues related to public
health, sustainability, education, restorative justice, and gaming. As a
mentor, it's my job to go around and help the teams. I would like to be
able to facilitate progress with each group by providing the tools and data
they need to enhance work on their focus areas.

If you know of some good open datasets that fall into the areas of health
care, sustainability, education, restorative justice, or gaming, could you
please recommend them to me? Also, if you are interested in coming out as a
volunteer and helping me, or others at the event, consider registering!

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