[Noisebridge-discuss] notice of intent to ragequit

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Tue Feb 4 03:28:41 UTC 2014

Nah, actually, quite the opposite (or not quite the opposite, but similar):

I burned out of doing Noisebridgey stuff around June/July, but in a
fine tradition of Noisebridge volunteerism, I didn't actually tell
anyone, not even myself (unless you can count me SHOUTING VERY LOUDLY
on nb-discuss which I don't believe is viewed as technically

This has always been a problematic anti-pattern here -- people sort of
wander off (or get buried in unmarked graves, it's unclear), leaving a
mass of undocumented or unexplained phenomena with with no tradition
of passing on their secret institutional knowledge to a new generation
of enthusiastic padawans.

So, to prevent this, I formally note that I'm going to be unwinding my
stack of Noisebridge tasks, and ascending into hackerspace heaven by
May at the latest.

The only formal thing I'm supposed to do is pay our Noisebridge taxes,
which I will do by April 15th. I'll hand over my treasurer hat to
anyone that Noisebridge wants, but you should find somebody by then so
I can sit them down and explain how things work.

However, there's also a lot of Anciente Noisebridge arcana, including
moderating meetings, institutional administrivia, wiki adminning, and
so forth. If you thought I did these things, I no longer am doing it,
and probably haven't been doing it for months, so you should do it
instead. If you don't know how to do it, ask me now, on
noisebridge-discuss. I've also declined to be a Noisebridge board
member candidate this year. (Check out your other nominations here:
https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Board/2014_Nominations )

Oracle-like, I pledge to answer any question that I can answer that is
conveyed in the form of a subject line question on nb-discuss. I will
answer all questions truthfully, though entertainment will take a
slightly higher priority than absolute versimilutude.

Talking of not  being truthful, I should say that this isn't really a
ragequit -- there's a bunch of new people enthusiastic about
continuing noisebridge, and I think it's super-incumbent on people to
get out the way when new people come along. Basically, I had a lovely
time at Noisebridge, but it's not good to bump along doing a minimum
when others want to do the maximum to make it a great place. Plus I
want to spend more time with my robot family.

(My quittage doesn't include doing events at Noisebridge, although
I'll probably try and pass 5MOF to someone else after the 5/15
episode,  which will be the special Ragequit Edition)


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