[Noisebridge-discuss] notice of intent to ragequit

Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Wed Feb 5 02:10:32 UTC 2014

This seems more like a beigequit instead of a ragequit...

On 2/3/14, 7:28 PM, Danny O'Brien wrote:
> Nah, actually, quite the opposite (or not quite the opposite, but similar):
> I burned out of doing Noisebridgey stuff around June/July, but in a
> fine tradition of Noisebridge volunteerism, I didn't actually tell
> anyone, not even myself (unless you can count me SHOUTING VERY LOUDLY
> on nb-discuss which I don't believe is viewed as technically
> "communication").
> This has always been a problematic anti-pattern here -- people sort of
> wander off (or get buried in unmarked graves, it's unclear), leaving a
> mass of undocumented or unexplained phenomena with with no tradition
> of passing on their secret institutional knowledge to a new generation
> of enthusiastic padawans.
> So, to prevent this, I formally note that I'm going to be unwinding my
> stack of Noisebridge tasks, and ascending into hackerspace heaven by
> May at the latest.
> The only formal thing I'm supposed to do is pay our Noisebridge taxes,
> which I will do by April 15th. I'll hand over my treasurer hat to
> anyone that Noisebridge wants, but you should find somebody by then so
> I can sit them down and explain how things work.
> However, there's also a lot of Anciente Noisebridge arcana, including
> moderating meetings, institutional administrivia, wiki adminning, and
> so forth. If you thought I did these things, I no longer am doing it,
> and probably haven't been doing it for months, so you should do it
> instead. If you don't know how to do it, ask me now, on
> noisebridge-discuss. I've also declined to be a Noisebridge board
> member candidate this year. (Check out your other nominations here:
> https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Board/2014_Nominations )
> Oracle-like, I pledge to answer any question that I can answer that is
> conveyed in the form of a subject line question on nb-discuss. I will
> answer all questions truthfully, though entertainment will take a
> slightly higher priority than absolute versimilutude.
> Talking of not  being truthful, I should say that this isn't really a
> ragequit -- there's a bunch of new people enthusiastic about
> continuing noisebridge, and I think it's super-incumbent on people to
> get out the way when new people come along. Basically, I had a lovely
> time at Noisebridge, but it's not good to bump along doing a minimum
> when others want to do the maximum to make it a great place. Plus I
> want to spend more time with my robot family.
> (My quittage doesn't include doing events at Noisebridge, although
> I'll probably try and pass 5MOF to someone else after the 5/15
> episode,  which will be the special Ragequit Edition)
> d.
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