[Noisebridge-discuss] Streaming Noisebridge meetings [help needed]

Carlos Sosa gnusosa at gnusosa.net
Fri Feb 7 22:18:09 UTC 2014

Adrian Chadd <adrian.chadd at gmail.com> writes:

> .. [snip Naomi's great points]
> And to be honest, one of the big failings from the open source crowd
> was to create a video streaming/collaboration solution that was easy
> to use an multi-platform. There were LInux only solutions for the
> longest time based on open standards / codecs, but (a) they were
> always fiddly to setup, (b) they didn't bother hacking on NAT
> (because, and I remember this bullshit clearly, there were pro "ipv6
> is everywhere, fuck NAT" discussions circa 2001..) and (c) they didn't
> bother with Windows or the emerging Mac platforms.
> So, I highly encourage porting / implementing replacement
> collaborative video chat services. Chrome has a perfectly good plugin
> infrastructure for writing this stuff and now browsers support video,
> audio and webcam data themselves. Yet I've still not seen any sane,
> open source, easy to use, multi platform solution. They tend to be
> built as part of a startup and get bought out .. :-)
> -a

I agree with the points made by Adrian Chad and Naomi Most. I don't
understand what's the point of using services out there, when we can
host, and work on projects that are proven to work for what we want to

Why do people insist on using alternatives to FLOSS projects?
Noisebridge doesn't care about the practicality of said services. It's a
shame that people want to make use of such services for a Hackerspace.

With that said, the consesus was only for the streaming of the audio of
the meetings not on a collaborative audio conference. If you want to
participate on the meeting, go to the meeting.

Can we stop the discussion and start working on these? the ones that
actually want to work on these.

Thanks to everybody for all your suggestions.

- Carlos Sosa
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