[Noisebridge-discuss] Hackable actigraphy bands?

Sai i at s.ai
Mon Feb 10 22:53:39 UTC 2014

I need an actigraphy band (wrist type) that's reasonably hackable -
e.g. so that I can get real time days from it over Bluetooth to a
custom Android app. (I want to make something that will detect and
alarm when the user has a sudden-onset atonia.)

I haven't found any such devices, though. They either don't give real
time data, or don't have bluetooth, or are proprietary only, or only
give a processed version of the data that's useless to me, or whatever
other BS.

Anyone know of something good? (There's of course always the 'make it
myself' option, but I'd rather not have to cobble together something
from breadboard that I'd need to wear 24/7.)

- Sai

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