[Noisebridge-discuss] Arduino suggestions.

Daniel Pitts Daniel at coloraura.com
Thu Jan 2 19:48:12 UTC 2014

I've had good luck with cheap Arduino's on ebay.  I did have *one* scam 
get me. Make sure the price is about the same as the others, and look at 
the reviewers.

Once I got one Arduino, it was actually pretty easy to use that as a 
Programmer for raw AVR chips, which are available cheaply from a few 
places.  The down side to that is you don't get the USB connectivity or 
power supply.  The upside is that the MCU cost < $5 usually, and you can 
get other cheaper AVR MCU's as well, with similar capability.

On 12/30/13 4:59 AM, Norman Bradley wrote:
> I am looking for suggestions on what type of starter / experimentation 
> Arduino processor I should get. It looks like there are a few clones 
> out there. Are they as good as an Arduino Uno? Software / cabling etc. 
> isn't a problem as I will be downloading the software and making the 
> cables and interfaces.

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