[Noisebridge-discuss] JC’s bed and private section at Noisebridge (something I’m going to bring up at the next meeting)

Al Sweigart asweigart at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 04:03:58 UTC 2014

JC has sectioned off the area near the fire escape and has built a bed
underneath one of the tables. He calls the area "The Bridge". It's unclear
what the intended use of it is supposed to be. JC's explanation was really
meandering, something about a kind of "experimental" inner circle,
hackerspace-within-a-hackerspace for leet hackers to hang out. I'm not sure
who qualifies as leet, but I'm sure JC will let you know if you are.

JC doesn't really want to let people know about The Bridge. He built it in
the early hours of New Year's Day, initially partitioning it off with a
tarp but now has added more semi-permanent walls. The wiki page for it
doesn't really have any information: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Bridge

He refuses to talk about it on noisebridge-discuss. Shortly after I found
about it, JC announced he was retiring from the discuss mailing list, which
is a convenient way to not have to answer anyone's questions or criticisms
about what he's doing. I've asked him repeatedly to bring it up on this
mailing list, but he says that the mailing list isn't "real Noisebridge"
and doesn't want to read people's "retarded comments".

When I checked for sleepers around 7am yesterday, he told me that there had
been an "open meeting" (his words) about The Bridge. This meeting hadn't
been previously announced, and took place sometime between midnight and
7am. And he won't tell me who was at this meeting, but JC does assure me
that everyone who attended was "unanimous" that The Bridge was a good idea
that should continue.

I still don't know what The Bridge is used for. The whiteboard at the
border of the section just says stuff about "sleep research" and "shoes

JC told me he'd rather not have me around it, so I guess I'm not one of the
people who is leet enough to hang out there. Every time I start to tell him
"you're monopolizing this space" and "you need to tell other people about
this and answer the questions they'll have" he tells me he can't talk with
me and walks away.

So… yeah. It's pretty clear to me that JC is just setting up his own living
space and hangout pad for his personally selected friends. I would describe
taking a public part of Noisebridge and turning into your own domain and
sleeping quarters as Unexcellent.

But maybe this, against all odds, isn't the case. I'm going to be talking
about it at the Tuesday meeting, and I invite everyone else to also talk
about it. I'm sure JC can clue us in then.

I had a chat with JC on IRC about it. The whole conversation is here:
http://pastebin.com/Zzw2SVSe but here are the highlights:

15:14 < AlSweigart> Hey JC, so my main question with The Bridge that you're
setting up is 1) What's it supposed to accomplish? Is it a second
spacebridge project?

15:15 < AlSweigart> And 2) who's going to be sleeping in the nap pod that
you set up there?

15:15 < tdfischer> its a space within a space

15:15 < thex> it's a part of the space

15:15 < thex> i've update the floorplan

15:15 < thex> https://noisebridge.net/wiki/File:Noiz_spacemap2012.jpg

15:15 < noisebot> [Link Info] title: File:Noiz spacemap2012.jpg -

15:16 < thex> although you may have to reload for cache

15:16 < AlSweigart> Right. But why is the partitioning necessary for the
projects that will be done there, and what projects will be done there? Is
it just a separate new room in the space?

15:16 < thex> all great q's

15:17 < thex> gimmie one sec peeps IRL in the bridge

15:17 < thex> brb

15:17 < AlSweigart> Also, the jpg you linked doesn't really explain it. It
looks more like a joke. But seriously, what is it going to be used for?

15:18 < thex> it's a bridge, for the spaceship noisebridge

15:18 < thex> on a 5 year mission, to blah blah blah, excellent haxing etc

15:18 <@jerkey> AlSweigart it's not really a thing, it's a state of mind

15:18 < thex> and it's very much a work in process

15:18 < AlSweigart> Uh... yeah, but seriously, what is it and what will it
be used for?

(At this point the subject changed.)

15:22 < thex> so the "bridge" experiment, is diving into a more 1337
bridge, or n0153bridge if you will

15:22 < AlSweigart> thex: Can you explain what that means?

15:22 < thex> a dedicated space for 1337

15:22 < thex> setup with nice things

15:22 < thex> that continue to work, and stay in the space

15:22 < thex> i am working to design it in a open and non-exclusionary way

15:23 < thex> however, there is a line

 15:23 < thex> that is meant to insure that ppl participanting in the
bridge are doing so with known concent of what they are choosing to
participate in

15:23 <@jerkey> you mean the nitrous?

15:25 < AlSweigart> thex: It really looks like your setting up a private
space, including sleeping quarters, for yourself and the people you deem
leet. Especially since you did it all before announcing it on the wiki, in
IRC, at a meeting, and are refusing to announce it at all on the mailing
list. Also, tonight's meeting is NYE, where not many people will show up.

15:25  * thex in all seriousness, not a fan of huffers/huffing

15:25 < thex> yes, to be clear and plain, i am hacking the shit out of
noisebridge, and not asking permission

15:26 < thex> i am doing my best, and expect to be held accountable, that i
find and proceed in an excellent way

15:26 < Cognition> who determines who is 1337?

15:26 < thex> i'd prefer to do then talk, and let my doin speak for itself

15:26 < AlSweigart> Cognition: I am very much interested in the answer to
that question too.

15:27 < thex> however, i value the oppurtunity for input and feedback, and
rfc stage as it were

15:28 < AlSweigart> jerkey: It's only been up for a day. I was in the
middle of taking down the tarp when JC found me and explain everything,
because I hadn't heard about it at all and thought someone was setting up
their own private residence.

15:28 < thex> actually this is day 5

15:28 <@jerkey> that is a valid guess when you see a tarp go up at

15:28 < thex> i've been "occupying" west noisebridge since the start of

15:28 < thex> which i very publicly announced over a month ago

15:28 < thex> this is a continuation

15:35 < thex> i'd like to sperate the sleep pod from the bridge discussion

15:35 < thex> as it's not intended to be part of the bridge

15:36 < AlSweigart> thex: The sleep pod is right in the middle of The
Bridge and was made at the same time as The Bridge. I don't see how you
can't include it.

15:36 < thex> the sleep pod was an invention contrived at 5:30am this

15:43 < thex> and the bridge is a departure, in that it most definetly is
not concensus

15:43 < thex> and will not conform to comprimise

15:43 < thex> it will be what it is

15:43 < thex> and if anyone feels that it is keeping them or anyone from
reasonably using the space, i invite you to come to the bridge and chat
with me about it

15:44 < AlSweigart> thex: "and will not conform to comprimise" really
concerns me

15:44 < thex> good

15:47 < thex> to be clear the sleep pod is not behind/under a tarp

15:47 < thex> it's under a desk

15:47 < thex> with a horizontal door

15:48 < thex> and i'm not at all interested in hiding anything i'm doing

15:48 < thex> however i find it prudent to be discrete about some things

15:49 < AlSweigart> thex: Like alcohol/weed use?

15:49 < thex> yes as for some

15:50 < thex> out of sight out of mind

15:50 < thex> not that i condone or use that a excuse for illegal
activities at/around nb

15:50 < thex> but i can be a responsible adult and consume alcohal in the

15:50 < AlSweigart> thex: ...

15:54 < thex> and in at least my version of a hackerspace i wanna spend
time at, sleeping and drink booze is a part of the experience, not what
defines it however

15:52 < thex> tell ya what

15:53 < thex> let me get back to figure out what the f'k the bridge is for
myself, and there will be updates to follow
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