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Praveen Sinha dmhomee at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 19:10:07 UTC 2014

Regardless of how we proceed forward on all sorts of fronts, I think it
would be incredibly useful to collect member stories -- an ethnography if
you will -- from the broader noisebridge community in an effort to help us
direct our own thinking and truly build consensus on topics which seem

I did a small dry run of this last month by asking people 3 questions:  why
did they come to nb, how did they find out of about, and what did they
engage in.  Almost all of the replies were sent privately, but even through
this I was able to get some interesting unexpected insights as to why
people are drawn and collaborate at noisebridge (in particular, the idea of
a functioning mixed use space came up over and over again).

I would like these surveys interviews to be open-ended, and be open to
including mixed media (the idea of filmed interviews seem cool), but
ultimately be  publicly indexed for community mining and posterity.  I
would want everyone who has ever felt any affiliation at all to the nb
community to answer it, and we should have an active push to go out of our
way to contact nb'ers who are not so actively engaged or not on nb-discuss
but still have impacted the rich social fabric of our community.

I'm reaching out to everyone for collaborating in designing a survey -- I'm
off hand I'm thinking a set of say 6 open ended questions for people to
answer, though even that is up for discussion.  In that, I'm especially
reaching out to designers/design school people, anthropologists,
journalists, people with product management experience, political
experience who have experience in how to tap into our community.

Would love to hear feedback!  I'll post some initial questions that I've
been thinking about.

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