[Noisebridge-discuss] Why Consensus Kills Community

Jason Dusek jason.dusek at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 07:00:22 UTC 2014

2014/1/6 Praveen Sinha <dmhomee at gmail.com>

> -- *Voting is still to frigging blunt*
> There a number of ways to try to patch the consensus process without
> totally removing it.  Examples would include:  ...increasing number of
> blocks required to block block...

Yet, a solution must be found. I like block blocking and block block

* First block takes one blocker.

* Blocking the block takes two.

* Blocking the block of the block takes three...or four?

* Blocking the block of the block takes four...or eight?

Exponential, linear...something else? What should it be? Does
block-blocking ultimately become voting? It has nice quality of struggle to
it, just the same.

  Well, we block your block!
  And we block your block block!
  Blocking that block block block!

Feel the emotion.

Perhaps there is a devilish way to game such a system. Assume there are an
odd number of potential blockers...

Jason Dusek
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