[Noisebridge-discuss] Why I'm a former member of Noisebridge

Norman Bradley pryankster at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 14:36:37 UTC 2014

Andy your post directly points out the problem. First you quote the 
poster saying that he/she wants to remain anonymous. hen you try to 
identify who it is. That attitude is WRONG and disrespectful.

You are entitled to your own opinion.
You are NOT entitled to your own facts.


On 1/7/2014 12:54 AM, Andy Isaacson wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 06, 2014 at 05:28:03PM -0800, diybiofridge at hushmail.com wrote:
>> I have an interest in keeping myself anonymous in this, and hope that
>> anyone who might be able to guess who I am respect that.
> Fridge?  Is that you?
> https://twitter.com/noisefridge
> -andy
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