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Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 20:33:27 UTC 2014

Al, you're awesome for donating a $500 purchase to Noisebridge. Maybe.

I see some major problems with these lockers:
For something that takes up so much space, there was little 
pre-discussion, Mr. Al "why is JC altering the space without consensus?" 
Sweigert. They really take up a lot of space.
What are lockers good for? I cannot put a project in there: a project 
needs a SHELF. These are gym-style lockers. Gym-style lockers are good 
for: clothes, towels, and backpacks. Why do people need to store 
clothes, towels, and backpacks at Noisebridge?
Why does the $1 rental fee go to Al? If, as your sign says, the money is 
going to Noisebridge, then i'll pay my $1 to Noisebridge. What's that 
you say? Noisebridge has no way for donors to SPECIFY what their money 
is for? Exactly-- that's a problem. But I'm not comfortable paying money 
meant for Noisebridge to some member. Paying Noisebridge fees to a 
Member's private paypal or back-pocket is NOT fiscal transparency.
You really don't want to get paid back, Al? $500 is a lot of money. Of 
course, you would not expect to get paid back for a purchase you made 
without community agreement to pay for it, right? Just making sure.
Why so many? There are a LOT of lockers. The Noisebridge squatters must 
be lovin' it.

If you have to police the space, you're already doing it wrong.
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