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Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 00:38:01 UTC 2014

Al, your enthusiasm and do-ocraticism is great, and Noisebridge is 
fortunate to have you around. I regret and retract my tone, if you will 
allow. Sorry about that.

But, I do feel something very major was rushed into, without adequate 
public discussion of need, space, and money. A $500 item, when NB now 
has a negative cashflow, seems extravagent.

If NB has $500 to spare, maybe other folks can think of higher 
priorities, given the chance. Maybe others already have requested items 
over the past couple years, and were turned down.

I could not even get $10/month for electronics components. Ultimately, 
what's higher priority, what's more fundamental to Noisebridge: 
electronics components, or lockers?

I have long supported the idea of a much smaller, fewer lockers, so i 
can stash my laptop when i go to dinner. But i feel the model you're 
creating is LONG-TERM storage of personal living items, not long-term 
storage of hacking projects.

Sorry i feel that way. And i apologize for sounding harsh in my last 
message. You don't deserve that.
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