[Noisebridge-discuss] arse elektronika / gstettensaga

j. grenzfurthner/monochrom (das ende der nahrungskette) jg at monochrom.at
Thu Jul 3 11:44:25 UTC 2014

hey folks!

two questions:

a) our annual sex tech conference "arse elektronika" is schedule for 
oct 2-5. we would love to return for the workshop day to noisebridge. 
it's been a great tradition to return to noisebridge for the last 
couple of years.
date: it would be sunday, oct 5, afternoon and evening. that ok for 
the community?

b) patrick, a friend of mine from sfo, and extended member of the 
noisebridge, asked me if it's ok to show our little hackploitation 
movie "die gstettensaga" at noisebridge. we will show the movie at 
hope conference in 2 weeks and other hacker cons and film festivals. 
quite a few folks at noisebridge helped us create the film, so no 
problem with showing it.
as far as i know patrick is not on this mailing list, but he planned 
to do the screening on august 29.
(here is his page on the wiki for it, featuring his review of the 
film: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Gstettensaga )
i won't be in town for that, but who can he contact to talk about it?

cheers from vienna

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