[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge is everywhere!

Chris Egeland chris at chrisegeland.com
Thu Jul 3 15:57:35 UTC 2014

Hi Noisebridge!

I'm Chris from Akron, Ohio.  I visited you fine folks back in May, 
during the weekend of Bay Area Maker Faire.  I stopped in, hung out and 
hacked on a project for a little bit, and helped sort and tidy the space 
during my stay.  I enjoyed my time there so much that I figured it would 
be worthwhile to purchase a t-shirt.

Which brings me to the purpose of my email.  Noisebridge is everywhere, 
and it's awesome.  Last night, I was at a local bar in Cleveland, Ohio 
wearing the aforementioned t-shirt.  I was approached by a patron in the 
bar and asked if I'm a Noisebridge member.  I mentioned that I am not, 
but had recently visited the space during a trip to San Francisco.  We 
spoke for a couple of minutes about Noisebridge and other things before 
my girlfriend and I headed downstairs for the event we were there to see.

I just wanted to share this story with you all, mostly because I found 
it pretty darn cool that Noisebridge is not only known around SF or the 
west coast, but across the entire country.

Best of luck with the Reboot project, and I look forward to making my 
way back to SF to see you guys again soon.

Chris Egeland

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