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Fri Jul 4 07:17:54 UTC 2014

Hey Johannes, 

An enthusiastic yes, to both. I'll be in town those dates, and will gladly act as contact person for both the screening and workshop day. 


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> Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] arse elektronika / gstettensaga
> hey folks!
> two questions:
> a) our annual sex tech conference "arse elektronika" is schedule for 
> oct 2-5. we would love to return for the workshop day to noisebridge. 
> it's been a great tradition to return to noisebridge for the last 
> couple of years.
> date: it would be sunday, oct 5, afternoon and evening. that ok for 
> the community?
> b) patrick, a friend of mine from sfo, and extended member of the 
> noisebridge, asked me if it's ok to show our little hackploitation 
> movie "die gstettensaga" at noisebridge. we will show the movie at 
> hope conference in 2 weeks and other hacker cons and film festivals. 
> quite a few folks at noisebridge helped us create the film, so no 
> problem with showing it.
> as far as i know patrick is not on this mailing list, but he planned 
> to do the screening on august 29.
> (here is his page on the wiki for it, featuring his review of the 
> film: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Gstettensaga )
> i won't be in town for that, but who can he contact to talk about it?
> cheers from vienna
> johannes
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