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As I travel the world, I give workshops at hackerspaces everywhere.  I've probably been to about 300 hackerspaces (as a guess).  And, of course, I leave Noisebridge stickers at all of them, including in ChaiHuo in Shenzhen.  But, quite often, there were Noisebridge stickers at hackerspaces before my visit.  And I very often meet people at hackerspaces everywhere who have already gone out of their way to visit Noisebridge -- and they are always excited to tell me about their visit, and how much they loved Noisebridge.  

Noisebridge is way famous around the world!  It is very common for people to go directly from SFO to Noisebridge as their first stop on their visit to San Francisco.  Peoples' awe of Noisebridge at hackerspaces around the world is one reason that I am welcomed at hackerspaces everywhere I go.   Many,  many hackerspaces around the world exist because someone visited Noisebridge, and it inspired then to start their own.  This is one, if many reasons, that I am always high about our hackerspace.  And why I promote others to start their own everywhere I go.


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> On Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 11:57:35AM -0400, Chris Egeland wrote:
> > Which brings me to the purpose of my email.  Noisebridge is
> > everywhere, and it's awesome.  Last night, I was at a local bar in
> > Cleveland, Ohio wearing the aforementioned t-shirt.  I was
> > approached by a patron in the bar and asked if I'm a Noisebridge
> > member.
> A similar anecdote --
> I was in Shenzhen, China recently and happened to run across the Chaihuo
> Maker Space, where the wall of stickers included a Noisebridge sticker!
> Alas I seem to have failed to get a photo.
> Also, Noisebridge has it's first (AFAIK) academic authorship credit:
> http://www.ssrc.ucsc.edu/Papers/parkerwood-systor14.pdf
> (darnit, they spelled the name wrong, lowercase b please!)
> -andy
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