[Noisebridge-discuss] question about bitcoins (featuring Noisebridge accounting!)

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Mon Jul 14 03:08:30 UTC 2014

TL;DR: How do I find out how many BTC have been donated to Noisebridge?

So, some of you may remember that I have been the keeper of Noisebridge's
bitcoins. I cashed 4.46219btc a while ago back on 3/29/2013 when  we were
young and innocent at $89, and paid that to Noisebridge.

Later on, I *tried* to cash some more out, but cashing out in that case
meant cashing out via mtgox, so that's all gone, never mind. As I've said
before, I'll take the hit for that, and replenish Noisebridge's bitcoffers
with my own hard-earned bitcoinage.

So now I'm looking to cash out the rest of our bitmonies. Unfortunately, if
I look at the transactions on my own wallet's measure of incoming and
outgoing payments, there's a bunch of bitcoin shuffling going on between my
addresses and its not entirely clear how much of my account should be
Noisebridge's. I vaguely remember Andy and others told me that that info is
not very reliable for balances internal to a single wallet.

So what's the best way of me working out how much pretend libertarian dream
money Noisebridge has?

This is the blockchain's tally of donations to the Noisebridge address:

Am I right in assuming that the total listed here (11.26075882BTC) is the
total amount sent to Noisebridge (not including my wallet rearranging
itself publicly)? Somebody let me know before I make a terrible financial

If I'm not, then I will shortly cash out 6.79856882BTC (which is 11.26.. -
the 4.46... I sold previously) for the benefit of Noisebridge. That should
be around 4,271 of your earth dollars.

Does that sound right?

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