[Noisebridge-discuss] Laptop screen anomaly

N jpk at pobox.com
Tue Jul 15 18:57:51 UTC 2014

I'm having a problem with my laptop screen.

I have assumed all five to ten year old laptop screens work the same.

The Apple Store Genius bar had recommended using eyeglass cleaner to 
clean my MacBook laptop screen which worked fine.

I've been following the same procedure with my hp laptop screen which 
again worked fine until this morning when I accidently poured too 
much cleaner onto the screen and it evidently leaked into the innards 
of the left side of the screen (top only).

After about an hour the squareish blotch seems to be very slowly evaporating.

Will it eventually all evaporate?

I've pointed my portable fan at the screen which seems to be helping 
dissapate the blotch.

Do you have an laptop screen experts on this list?


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