[Noisebridge-discuss] NB Reboot Dorkbot tonight: we need cleaning supplies!

Naomi Gmail pnaomi at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 19:32:31 UTC 2014

Hey out there,

For those of you who've been looking for easy ways to donate time or resources to Noisebridge, this is it --

We need cleaning supplies such as:

* mops
* brooms
* dustpans
* rags for dusting (old clothes work great)
* cleaning solutions of all kinds 

This afternoon we're cleaning up after a Great Emptying of The Noisebridge Cache so that we can have a nice Dorkbot without having to hand out dust masks with admission.

Come help, or just drop some cleaning supplies off and then run away screaming, we'll love you either way. 

Then stay for dorkbot at 7pm! It's gonna be a fun one. 


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