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An important topic for Noisebridge, and an idea for something to do, early
this Saturday evening.

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Hello everybody,

I'm facilitating a discussion about consensus. You can register for it
here: http://villagecraft.org/w/10b990e8-the-process-of-consensus

*No registration is required*, it just helps determine how much space
will be needed. It will be at the this Saturday, July 19th,
7:00-8:30pm at 4799 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland.

The intention is to talk about the process of consensus and learn from
each other how to facilitate.

Until we're able to make decisions together and build non-hierarchical
processes, thereby making the hierarchical processes useless, we will
be perpetually trying to escape or destroy the structures that oppress us.

I invite you to come share practices about how to form a consensus. It
could be your experience, a summary of a study, or any other idea that
improves the process. This discussion will teach us to create and
facilitate our participatory processes.

Take care,
Jeremy Entwistle
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