[Noisebridge-discuss] Floor Sanding Bill of Materials

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Thu Jul 17 21:01:18 UTC 2014

Howdy, all.

I know I said sanding might start today, but I've been on the job hunt and not 
wanting to get too burnt out too soon :)

First, folks have been asking about the plan to do the space in sections. 
Here's what I've come up with but suggestions and feedback are welcome and 


Noisebridge's dimensions are 117'10" by 44'5", which equates to approximately 
5,250 square feet of floor space. To accomplish the sanding, here's what 
supplies we'll need:

* 40 gallons of polyurethane (~17 gallons per coat plus buffer)
* Plastic sheeting for a 45'x14' wall to seal off the space in sections for 
sanding. Each section in the image can use the sheet completely plus a number 
of existing walls.
* 1560 feet of duct tape to seal each of the 13 sections for sanding
* Plenty of sandpaper
* Brooms for sweeping up dust (NB has a ton of these already)
* Caulk and caulking guns to plug major holes and cracks
* Mops and buckets for scrubbing and cleaning
* Rollers and long handles for polyurethane application
* Roller trays for the rollers
* Roller covers
* Trash bags to wrap rollers in between sections and coats to prevent them 
from drying out, and for pan liners
* Two orbital sander rentals
* An edger rental
* Delivery of equipment

I've got some prices for equipment rentals which I'll assemble elsewhere. I'm 
about to head down to the discount builders supply to get quotes on these 
things but if folks have other prices available (especially free!) please let 
me know :)

(discuss is CC'd because thats where a lot of folks who maybe aren't directly 
working on the space but can contribute supplies are likely hanging out)
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