[Noisebridge-discuss] Interest & logistics check: class on intro Kinect development?

David Molnar dmolnar at dmolnar.com
Sat Jul 26 21:31:53 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I am thinking about doing a class for the Class-A-Thon on intro Kinect
development. I'd like to gague interest and ask about logistics.

The class:

We would use the Kinect for Windows SDK. I am not an expert, but I have
used the Kinect SDK for several projects recently. I don't know anything
about libfreenect or other Linux libraries, alas -- but if someone else
does and wants to teach those, that would be excellent.

The class would walk through the sample code in the Kinect SDK, using the
free (as in beer) Visual Studio Express download. We would start with basic
skeleton tracking, then move on to the SDK's gesture library and voice
commands. See here for docs & downloads:

If time and hardware permit we would explore the "Kinect Fusion" 3D
scanning library. I'm told that the results from these scans can go into a
3D printer but I don't know anything about that. If someone else does and
wants to help, that would be excellent.

1) How many people would be interested? I would have to do it in the
evening Saturday 9 August or any time Sunday 10 August. I unfortunately
could not do it during the rest of the week. It looks like Turing is free
both days.

If you are interested, please email me with times that would be OK for you.
Please also let me know what kind of computer you would bring (if any). The
v1 sensor works with most computers, but the v2 sensor needs a USB 3.0 port
and specific USB chipsets to work. This will help me figure out what mix of
sensors we need.

2) Does anyone have Kinect sensors that they could let a Noisebridge class
borrow for a day? I ask because it would of course be best if everyone in
the class has a sensor.

I can contribute 2 Kinect v2 sensors and 1 Kinect v1 sensor. If you can
help, please contact me directly so we can arrange pickup and drop off.

3) Is there a desktop computer someone could let the class borrow with
either A) a big power supply and a full-size PCI bus slot, or B) a DirectX
11 capable GPU? I have an nVidia GTX 650 I can bring with me. I'd rather
not have to bring a whole desktop if I don't have to. I ask because while
the Kinect Fusion 3D scanning will "work" without a GPU, it strongly
benefits from a desktop class GPU. The SDK for the v2 sensor requires
DirectX 11.

Thanks for reading to the end of a long email. Let me know if you're
interested. I will figure out if this will work and then contact Jeffrey &
update the wiki if yes.


P.S. I do work for Microsoft, but I don't speak for them.
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