[Noisebridge-discuss] Squatters; kitchen

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 01:28:12 UTC 2014

When I was at Noisebridge from 11 to 5 today, there was a van that was
parked in a metered space out front the whole day. It was inhabited by a
few people who were known to use the kitchen pretty regularly before the
space shut down.

Aside from taking up a metered spot (today), these people haven't done
anything wrong to Noisebridge when it was open, but - correct me if I'm
wrong - it doesn't seem like they have done anything good TO Noisebridge. I
feel like they're literally waiting outside to be let back in so they can
use the kitchen again.

I don't think these people should be banned, but they should be discouraged
from using the space if they're just looking to prepare and eat food.

Of course, as Tim from Electric City said, we cannot have a full kitchen.
We cannot have an oven. We cannot have a cooktop.

I guess this is a question for Jean-Jacques, since he's taken charge of the
kitchen changes: I'd like to know what the plan is for furniture in the
kitchen area. I know that the circuit panel near the sink either has been
or should be removed, and that makes it less reasonable for a prep table or
food shelving to be sitting across from the sinks. I think the area should
be filled with more tables for people to place their computers and work, or
use devices, or play games, or whatever non-food things people do with
tables. If we do want a coffee station, maybe it can go where the oven once
was (once it's removed).

Sorry if this is detailed in the wiki somewhere; I haven't been able to
find any concrete plans.

P.S. thanks to everyone who lacquered "Zone A" today! It's looking GREAT!

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