[Noisebridge-discuss] You are invited! Dirty Shop Meet and Greet June 12 2013 19:39

jarrod hicks hicksu at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 03:12:54 UTC 2014

Hello Wood Chip Chippers!

Who uses the dirty shop these days?

I think it's pretty damn useful. I would like to host a Noisebridge Dirty
Shop meet and greet on Thursday evening on June 12th and meet you all.

My name is Jarrod and I am a designer working toward Architecture
licensure. I think Noisebridge's shop is one of its best features. In San
Francisco, having a place to spread out and make a big mess with power
tools is an amazing resource. I hold our dirty shop dear to my heart; it is
why I started coming here regularly.

Ideally, I would like this to lead to some sort of dirty shop working
group, but for now it would be nice just to see who is using the shop and
making things. Ideas about how we/I can make it better to work in with what
we have now would be great.

Although I am VERY much against drinking and working in the shop..since
this is just a meeting, I'll bring some beer and snacks. Please bring
something if you want to.

For imaginary bonus points respond if you are coming so that others know
that this is a thing.

Meet up in the shop around 19:30 2014-06-12.
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