[Noisebridge-discuss] PSA: Sid asked to leave

kjs bfb at riseup.net
Wed Jun 4 08:20:31 UTC 2014

I asked Sid to leave tonight after witnessing some inappropriate
language. While out, I was brought up to speed on the details of the
conflict that Sid erupted from. Sid later emerged from the basement of
2169. He was asked to come upstairs and showed everyone a backpack full
of electronics. Sid then left again. In addition to keeping electronics
in the basement, he has also been stashing crates of electronics around
an area that he often works tucked into the project shelves (aka member

In serial, much has gone missing from the project shelves. Now would be
a good time to take inventory of your shelf if possible.

I asked Sid to leave, and not return until welcomed back. Cory stepped
up to mediate. Thanks Cory. If anyone has any questions/concerns feel
free to voice them.

Thanks much,

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