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Tue Jun 10 15:53:14 UTC 2014

Sorry it took me so long to add the drama tag. Please keep the tag in
future replies. Thanks for helping me sort my inbox! (I turn drama
purple, but you can do whatever you like with it).

On 6/10/14, 7:05 AM, Torrie Fischer wrote:
> On Monday, June 09, 2014 17:25:00 Sergiusz 'q3k' Bazan'ski wrote:
>> I'm still an outsider to NB (so sorry in advance for any possible
>> misjudgement of the community), but I'm very surprised that NB continues
>> to maintain such an open access policy for non-members (including
>> letting them keep hardware in the space) after multiple situations like
>> these...
>> Especially since (associate) membership is easy enough to get for people
>> who care enough about contributing towards NB (and enables a basic level
>> of traceability), while it's probably enough of a deterrent for random
>> weirdos and generally unexcellent people from coming to the space.
>> I haven't really seen any other space that works in such a way... Maybe
>> it's the beauty of NB.
> SYNHAK in Akron, Ohio was very successful with it, though it collapsed
due to
> other completely unrelated reasons.
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