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What I'm asking is: after the decision is made to ask someone to leave ; what is the procedure and what is the consequences of not cooperating with the request?  

Presently there is no consistency in the way it is done. 

I would suggest requirement:
1.  Announcement to all or most present the decision to do so with the reason.   This would be a reality check.  
2.  Soliciting others to accompany and speak for you.  Staying as a group to accompany two person out. 

Requirement of this sort would preclude the person from retaliating in kind which often occurs presently. 

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I do not believe that a comprehensive protocol can be spelled out in fewer than 1000 words. The approach to resolving conflict at Noisebridge depends on the situation and there's not a response that fits all cases.

My observations are that in circumstances where there is a dispute between two people it helps to find an ad hoc mediator or two. It's also good for both parties to leave if the legitimacy of the ask cannot be resolved.

On June 12, 2014 5:02:49 PM PDT, "immonad at yahoo.com" <immonad at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Do we need to formally consense on the details of the procedures and
> consequences?  If so, I'm formally proposing that we have one.
> Presently there is some disagreement and even denial of this as a
> community standard. 
> Cynthia has not cooperated when asked to leave.
> The request to leave is often answered by asking the same of the
> person asking.  This is usually retaliatory rather than justified.  
> Please address this kind of abuse. 
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