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Sun Jun 15 01:18:46 UTC 2014

 Hello all, just wanted to respond to Monad's account of the other evening.
Dan was up all night securing the space from the onslaught of Sids minions
that have been removed (and in many cases, banned), which has been a huge
job and has required at least one person involved in the Safe Space
Security WGof which Dan is a participant, to be present in the space at all
hours. He was exhausted and was simply catching a nap before the BART
started running. As I understand it, the lease agreement specifies no
"living" in the space. I would hardly call a two hour nap "living" in the
space. As for myself, I was lying down watching a movie, not sleeping. I
had returned to the space about an hour before to relieve Dan. I had no
idea that Rayc was in the space, and I doubt anyone else did either. Deja
and her one guest were building a compy in the library, hence the "lights
on from the library to the kitchen." These were the only people in the
space and my math only comes to 5.
     I'm glad that Monad came in though, as we on the SSSWG had a chance to
address a serious issue pertaining to Monad and his interactions with
several people in NB. Those details are for another discussion though.
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