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tl;dr -- anyone want to meet with some corporate leaders involved with the military (and other industries) over dinner to talk about hackerspaces?  This is on the night of Monday 30-June.  If so, please contact me.
We live in interesting times.
I talk to a lot of different people as I travel around.  And even more people contact me by email.
Over the past few months I've been approached by leaders of large corporations, all wanting to know how their corporations could benefit by adding elements of hackerspaces -- or by creating hackerspaces -- into their corporations.
Recently I was contacted by contacted via email by Pascaline, someone from WDHB (a for-profit firm that has educational programs for corporations), representing ThyssenKrupp.  ThyssenKrupp make such things as coffee grinders, escalators, military submarines, and fighter bombers.
I spoke with Pascaline for quite some time about how hackerspaces are fantastic environments for creative output.  And also that the reason they work is because they are created by individuals from the bottom up.  Top down might pose some interesting challenges.
Pascaline wanted to know if I would meet with some of the corporate leaders of ThyssenKrupp over dinner to talk about hackerspaces.  I told her that I couldn't, since I do not want to do anything that helps create a world with more military.
Pascaline, interestingly enough, concurs with me.  Yet, she asked if I would pass the request along.
So, does anyone want to meet over dinner with corporate leaders of ThyssenKrupp on Monday 30-June?  If so, please contact me.
You can see her email to me, below.


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Hello Mitch, 
I hope you are doing well since the last time we spoke on        Skype. First of all, I wanted to thank you for your time, it was        great speaking with you and learning more about Noisebridge and        the hackerspace culture in general. I really enjoyed our        conversation and hope to include Noisebridge in our program with        ThyssenKrupp. 
I am sorry for my late follow-up, I wanted to have some more        information about the purpose of the marine systems that TK        builds. Indeed, most of them are for a military purpose even        though they also build some ships ship for civil purposes.
I do understand that this element can be a deal breaker for        Noisebridge and I completely respect this point of view (that I        also share btw). Nonetheless, as I told you the other day, it        will be an intimate dinner with a smaller group of people from        ThyssenKrupp, so we can easily split the groups in a way that        everybody feels comfortable with the people they will meet.  You        will find attached the list of participants to the program. You        can send it over to your contacts and they can let me know if        there is someone in particular they don't want to meet, or on        the contrary, if there is someone they're particularly        interested in exchanging with. 
Also, I added the project summary that will provide you with        more information about our methodology at WDHB and about the        purpose of this Learning Expedition with ThyssenKrupp. 
Just a reminder regarding the logistical aspects: Dinner on Monday, June 30th, with 4-5 people from TK, in          San Francisco. 
Thank you so much for your help, I am sorry we will miss you        this time and I really hope that we'll be able to collaborate in        the future for other opportunities.
Have a lovely weekend, Kind regards, Pascaline
--Pascaline BarbaudProgram               Manager  		 	   		   		 	   		  
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