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  Under the circumstance of being outnumbered by our residences and seeing no backup I'd expect to be attacked then my request to leave be ignored.  After that, accusations of entitlement, being authoritative, etc.
  Not sure how to proceed.  Deja, Dan and Mathew claim they were there to make the space safe.   Of course this is incumbent on all members.
  What we need to clarify is:  What constitutes use or abuse? 
  I think sleeping here once in a great while may be o.k. but when it appears to be frequently or a residency then it's not.  
  It seems that people who appears to be virtually residents behaves more entitled.   The overwhelming majority of people supporting sleeping  here are the same ones who has been doing so themselves.
  We may not be able to articulate and codify the circumstances when to cite the asking to leave policy but the agreement as to the procedure is feasible. 
     Notifying others before this procedure is a reality check.   Asking for accompaniment provides security and witnesses.   Having another doing the talking (if available) is another layer of security and may help avoid violence. Once asked to leave thusly, the person is barred from doing same to anyone else

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Thanks for the report, Monad. Did you also ask Matthew and Dan to wake up and possibly leave the space?


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About ten people present. Matthew and Dan sleeping on couch. Deja running around. Lights on from library to kitchen.

How much span of time staying in the space would constitute living there?

Robert sleeping under DJ booth. Claims his consensed break was over.

If a Robert will not honor consensus and take a break, maybe the break should be extended until a uninterrupted six months is fulfilled. 

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