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Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 06:31:58 UTC 2014

Can we contemplate relays instead of "4-way" Switches for the places that
code mandates multiple control points? I used to help restore the elegant
touchplates in old houses and often the RR8 relays were the LEAST worries
of any sort.

I am quite serious about the RR series relays as they can decimate the
amounts of "power wiring" in EMT By reason of: They only need Class2
circuits for control.

Oh- they also interface nicely with Smart Controllers,.

Final pitch for GE's old RR7 and RR8 lines: They were& are often used for
such work as they have precedent in codes for places of public assembly.

Daring the pun of NB often being a place of public "assembly" as we build

There's also a huge assortment of  other Dedicated Design boxesfor energy
management.  Very often they come up CHEAP as salvage from retail store
remodels&demolitions.  Those too can assure easier passing by inspectors as
they see tons of them in malls. Having Smart Switching of power to benches
is a safety enhancement as one more lockout/tagout layer,,,

Heh- gotta keep a sense of humor whilst the chaos commences.

Oren Beck

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