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Naomi Gmail pnaomi at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 17:32:33 UTC 2014

I'm not sure noisebridge-discuss makes sense as the de facto place for community notifications for sensitive issues when the list itself is generally avoided by anyone who doesn't want to encounter them in the first place. 

I think by definition, community misalignments can't be resolved in any standard fashion. Multiple "reasonable attempts" to contact people (perhaps from a list of "advisable ways to contact") will probably have to be used every time. 

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> On Mar 2, 2014, at 12:35 AM, Josh Juran <jjuran at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Mar 2, 2014, at 12:24 AM, Hannah Grimm wrote:
>> I'm okay with us having to notify people (within reason; for example, a post to NB discuss should be sufficient)
> A post to -discuss may be sufficient for notifying the community in general, but alerting specific parties by email requires addressing them directly.
> I for one have list messages routed to a folder, and I don't see them unless I check that folder.
> Josh
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