[Noisebridge-discuss] noisebridge / the door is fucked up

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Mar 5 08:42:03 UTC 2014

someone cut the wires to the payphone that allows people to open the gate 
with a door code.  probably because they figured (correctly) that people 
would just jam the door open so it doesn't ever latch, rather than fix it.

nobody capable of splicing eight wires has fixed it yet, as of last night, 
because the only people who go to noisebridge now think that wire is for 
tying a sleeping bag onto your backpack.

nobody has posted a message to the discuss list because people who know 
how to use computers no longer go to noisebridge to know to post about it.

also, one of the toilets at noisebridge is now for "liquids only" because 
the skill and will to repair a clogged toilet are not available.  The clog 
is likely due to lack of toilet paper causing someone to use a handy rag 
to wipe their ass rather than buy toilet paper.  There is a mop there, and 
a sign saying to mop up "when" the toilet leaks.

until the beaurocrats and blockers use their marvelous power of consensus, 
blockage, grandstanding and bickering to do something to improve the 
overall culture at noisebridge to a point where hackers actually want to 
go there, i refuse to acknowledge the results of this sham election and I 
hope others do the same.


On Tue, 4 Mar 2014, Tom Lowenthal wrote:

> Fine folks, this is a message about bureaucracy. If that's not your
> thing, you should be fine to ignore it.
> We had our annual general meeting. The only motion was one to adjourn.
> It passed.
> Or board election closed at 7:30pm this evening. Kevin, J.C., and Tom
> independently counted the ballots, and their counts agreed. The
> following are our new board:
> * Ari Lacenski
> * Madelynn Martiniere
> * Tom Lowenthal
> * Al Sweigart
> * Naomi Most
> The board then met. Tom and Madelynn were present in person and Naomi
> called in by phone. Five motions were discussed; all were approved:
> * All present are welcome to spectate this meeting.
> * Danny O'Brien is Noisebridge's treasurer/CFO.
> * Tom Lowenthal is Noisebridge's secretary.
> * The board will meet again on 2014-03-12 at 7pm.
> * The meeting is adjourned.
> That's all, folks!
> -Tom
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