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Ronald Cotoni setient at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 22:29:41 UTC 2014

You aren't.  We can totally improve it but it requires constant vigilance
and new leadership to step up.  Right now, I am the point man for replacing
stallion which I am doing a horrible job of since I have a ton of other
things going on.   I was there on Thursday and knew of the door issues.  I
was trying to get nohat (who claims to be a haxor) to take a look.  He
spent a few minutes then gave up.   I suppose I could have helped and given
him more direction but I didn't.   I should have also sent mail so this is
100% my fault.  I am sorry.   Speaking of that, I would like to write up a
wiki page and put some stickers with a nburl on it so people can go to it
if it is broken.  That way they can easily troubleshoot and completely
understand the system.  I think there is already a wiki page but I haven't

Sorry I failed it :(

On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 2:17 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> On Wed, 5 Mar 2014, Torrie Fischer wrote:
>  On Wednesday, March 05, 2014 00:42:03 Jake wrote:
>>> someone cut the wires to the payphone that allows people to open the gate
>>> with a door code.  probably because they figured (correctly) that people
>>> would just jam the door open so it doesn't ever latch, rather than fix
>>> it.
>>> nobody capable of splicing eight wires has fixed it yet, as of last
>>> night,
>>> because the only people who go to noisebridge now think that wire is for
>>> tying a sleeping bag onto your backpack.
>>> nobody has posted a message to the discuss list because people who know
>>> how to use computers no longer go to noisebridge to know to post about
>>> it.
>>> also, one of the toilets at noisebridge is now for "liquids only" because
>>> the skill and will to repair a clogged toilet are not available.  The
>>> clog
>>> is likely due to lack of toilet paper causing someone to use a handy rag
>>> to wipe their ass rather than buy toilet paper.  There is a mop there,
>>> and
>>> a sign saying to mop up "when" the toilet leaks.
>>> until the beaurocrats and blockers use their marvelous power of
>>> consensus,
>>> blockage, grandstanding and bickering to do something to improve the
>>> overall culture at noisebridge to a point where hackers actually want to
>>> go there, i refuse to acknowledge the results of this sham election and I
>>> hope others do the same.
>> What would you suggest this "something" is?
>> I understand the sentiments presented here, but it isn't productive to go
>> on
>> about "something being wrong" without constructive suggestions of what
>> change
>> you would like to see at noisebridge.
> I would assume you are presenting this question to everyone, but it is
> worded as specifically addressed to me.  I have made plenty of suggestions
> and put plenty of time into trying to solve problems like this and i have
> not had sufficient cooperation or backing.
> If you don't think there's a problem at noisebridge, then there is no need
> for you to ask me or anyone to waste our time suggesting solutions.  But if
> you do think there is a problem, I urge you to solicit input from everyone
> and work toward getting people on the same page to agree on actions to take.
> maybe i'm the only one who thinks noisebridge has become a sad shadow of
> its former greatness and things should change?
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