[Noisebridge-discuss] why is sleeping at noisebridge a problem?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Mar 6 00:26:42 UTC 2014

I am disturbed to see that people still don't understand why it's a 
problem that people sleep at noisebridge.

It's not because it's against the lease, although this is true.  It's 
because it fucks up our ability to have a hackerspace and submerges us in 
roommate drama.  seriously.

San Francisco is a very expensive place to rent a room.  This means that 
any place people can sleep for free is very valuable.  As long as 
noisebridge allows people to sleep, those people will be very strongly 
motivated to maintain their access to that sleeping space, regardless of 
the consequences to the culture and function of that space in general.  It 
seems that Josh/N0_HAT was/is defending his "turf" with aggression and 
whatever tactics would wear down the community enough to keep his spot.

When sleepers take the other road from Josh, which is "i wasn't sleeping" 
or "I just fell asleep while i was hacking this uh circuitboard thingy" 
it's just as problematic, because when people reduce their sleeping 
quantity/quality to avoid losing their sleeping spot, they get crazy.

sleeping is important to clear the brain of toxins, and when people don't 
get enough sleep they actually get schizophrenic.  read this:


schizophrenics suffer from an inability to get autophagy, or the cleaning 
of the brain, even if they sleep enough.  When we allow people to depend 
on noisebridge as their sleeping space, they either become aggressively 
defensive of their turf (like Josh) or they hide in the shadows catching 
minimal sleep (like Rayc) and become gradually more and more insane.

Both of these behaviors are destructive to our safe space and take away 
from our ability to have a nice hackerspace where we can gather as a 
community.  The solution is to refuse entry to noisebridge by people who 
use the space as a sleeping place.

If anyone has a problem with disallowing people from the space who are 
known to sleep there, I recommend that they invite these people into their 
own homes instead of being hypocritical and making it everyone else's 


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