[Noisebridge-discuss] I played your game.

Charles Tang cjtang1 at asu.edu
Thu Mar 6 11:10:29 UTC 2014

Power is the ability to use knowledge.

Knowledge is an impartment of a particular reality.

One that was disclosed, for whatever intention.

Knowledge may not be real.

And some knowledge may be related to power.

And some knowledge may be inversely related to power.

And I will not be a victim. I once was, a long time ago. But, I choose not
to be now. Because I can't afford to be a victim. Others may be able to,
but I cannot. Because you do not know any of my truth. You do not know me,
or what has happened to me. You do not know what I came from, and you
certainly do not know what I have been through.

Clever mythologies, exaggerated or diminished. Beyond all of this, you do
not understand. Even if you were able to know, you wouldn't be able to
understand. Because I am an outsider, and I always have been.

People hate outsiders.

They will use them.

They will abuse them.

They will construct scenarios to control what they know.

They will push them down until they have nothing.

Then they will blame them for their nothingness.

They will tell them that they were nothing to begin with.

They want them to be a victim.

They will make them question their own sanity.

And the group will leave them with nothing.

Even if they tried. Because they impart knowledge about someone based off
of a click on a box. One click on a box validates everything for them.

That individual click on a box is the new gavel.

It is the single data-point that is the judge, jury and trial.

Worst of all.

It's those who are even afforded to fucking speak. Those who are even
comfortable enough to speak. If you aren't afforded to think about a
situation, because of an individual box clicked, then you are mistaken.

My phone had another name, but it was connected to my own credit card.
And, I didn't realize it until after. But, I did.

My own body was connected to all of these others. Because I was bound to
only one other/insider.

The space was bound to sleepers, and I asked one to leave once, because my
body was bound to the rest. And I could not afford to be bound to the rest.

And my reaction to those texts were placed in a particular context, but if
you had access to the remainder of those texts you'd be surprised.
Surprised about how inaccurate the situation even is. How inflated all of
it was.

If we are so good at regression analysis, maybe we should text mine the
ruling party on this situation. Maybe we should look into everything they
have done as well. Maybe we should gaslight them as well, as they were the
first ones to even mention gas-lighting.

Because clever social engineering gains you access to an individuals
finances, a free home to stay, friends, real neighborly people, a job, all
of those things. It's not just used for repeat fraud, like habitual
stealing of individuals credit cards, or cash, or health or, or, or.

While the outsiders are forced to deal with everything, the weird outsider
who really wasn't weird had to deal with it. But, a field was clicked, a
message was sent and the mafia is in town.

And information gleaned was cleverly crafted. Because accounts get deleted.
And even CEOs of major companies, of which are related to hardware, know
just as much as you do.

And all of you really never fucking knew what happened to begin with.

As the mafia is in town.
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