[Noisebridge-discuss] why is sleeping at noisebridge a problem?

spinach williams spinach.williams at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 14:48:11 UTC 2014

nah, that's bullshit. it's okay to suggest people are mentally unstable and
that in itself is basis for exclusion even though no one is a danger to
themselves or others, allowing for further stereotyping in the face of
neurodiversity, in a space where historical mentally unstable people are
revered, and calling someone an ass for doing so it's the offense? that's
asinine. if y'all wanna talk about sleepers being a violation of the lease,
that's one thing, but to then suggest anyone who doesn't fit the narrow and
shifting definition of normal shouldn't be allowed into the space is just
plain fucked up, as is policing the language of anyone voicing such concern
while conveniently ducking the issue itself. so not cool.
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